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All the quotable quotes from Douglas Adams.


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I need more Saga in my life

And cookies




Be careful what you wish for.

Wow what I never realized the colors were inverted

You’d think I would have noticed that

That’s the point. The world Coraline lives in is supposed to be boring and gray, but the people are what give it life and purpose. In the Other Mother’s world the people are plastic puppets where she pulls the strings because it presumably changes for every child she takes, but the world around them is bright and colorful for the purpose of enticing the children to stay… before they notice the inhabitants are nothing but dust.

that was deep

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Fall is upon us


Fall is upon us

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"i can’t figure out this problem"

teacher: use your head


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
How much did you pay for your violin ?
jpdreamer jpdreamer Said:

It’s a beginner set so about $200. It came with the bow, rosin, case, and the whole shebang.


If you’re going to survive out there, you’ve really got to know where your towel is.